July 15, 2015

Fujoshi Sisters B'Day Gift

Author: 絵理
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: One Shot, Romance, Family, Comedy, fluff, semy smut.
Rating: Fluff
Summary: Ryosuke want to give his little sister a gift.
AN: YamaChii is my drug, and I'm addicted to them.

"Where are you Baby?" Ryosuke asked his squirrel.
"On my way Ryosuke, I'll be there on 10 minutes. What about the others?"
"We are here baby. O-Kei, just take your time then. I'll be waiting for you, see you baby."
"O-Kei, see you Ryosuke."


"How is it Mi-Chan? Do you like the place?" He asked her little sister just to make it sure that his sister like his gift. Yeah, it's Misaki's 20th B'Day, and as a good brother he bring all of his family to a French Restaurant to celebrate it. And of course his princess will be coming too. It's gonna be another surprise gift for his sister by the way.

"Yes, I like the place, I hope the food, it's tasty here." She answer her brother and waiting for their orders. "But honestly, I wish I could get another gift," she give her brother a wink.

"Greedy are you?" Ryosuke give her a wink too. Suddenly Ryosuke's phone is beeping, it's a message from Yuri.

From: Usa~ Hime
To: Ichigo Prince

I here, will you pick me?

Ryosuke just stand and excuse him self for a while to his family. He see his princess standing near the chashier wearing a backless pink dress he bought for his rabbit 2 days ago. Yuri looks fabulous in that dress, Ryosuke is almost drooling.

"You look sexy you know?" Yuri can feel Ryosuke back hugging him now. "This is your idea Ryosuke," Yuri just rolled his eyes when Ryosuke give his neck a kiss. "Stop it Ryosuke, we are out side now." He try to break free from his pervert boyfriend, but we know who's the stronger.

"Let's just go home then, how?" He tease his princess again. "No, your family are waiting inside, it's better we go now, they wait too long."

"Ryo-nii you take so long, where have you been? Wait, who's that chick?" Misaki is really surprise to see her brother come back with a girl, but his brother just give her a sly smirk. "Oh my god, are you cheating on Yuri-nii? How dare you?" Misaki drop her jaw "Wait Mi-Chan, it's me can't you recognize me?" Yuri take a step closer to Misaki. "Yuri? Baby? Is it you?" Mrs. Yamada come closer to Yuri for a better view. "Yeah mom it's me, this is Ryosuke's idea." Yuri give his beatiful smile
"Oww~~ you look wonderful you know?" Now she give him a hug. "Thank you mom."

"No way. It's can't be real. Did you do this for me?" Misaki still on her shock mode, and Yuri give her a nod for the answer. "You better be carefull Yuri, I think Ryosuke just using Misa-Chan as an excuse for him self." Chihiro give Yuri a warning. "He know it already Nee-Chan, and he want it also. Right baby?" Yuri's can feel his cheeks is getting hot by his boyfriend statement. "Hontouu? Wow, you sounds like a bitch Yuri-nii, but I love to hear it. Don't forget to send me the video okay." Misaki words just make Yuri's face more and more red.

"Okay enough, you'll just make Yuri feel uncomfortable around us." Mr. Yamada try to save Yuri now. "Well, let's take some pictures first then." Misaki can't stop her self from taking so many pictures especially YamaChii's on that night.


"Ryo~~ mmngh, can't bre~ ath." They are on they making out session when suddenly Yuri hear a click sound. Yeah, it was Ryosuke, he take their picture secretly. "Ryosuke what are you doing?" Yuri asking with a shock expression. "Give Misaki the last present before her B'Day is over." He press the send button "well, let's continue our session baby," then he bring his princess to their bedroom.

In other side of Kanagawa Prefecture you can hear a loud scream right before the clock struck the number 12th. Everybody knows it's belong to Yamada Misaki, everybody knows what's the reason too.


July 11, 2015

Fujoshi Sisters

Author: 絵理
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: One Shot, Romance, Family, Comedy, fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Fujoshi sisters + naughty brother, what will happen?
AN: YamaChii is my drug, and I'm addicted to them.

It is Saturday evening, but Yuri and Saya are in Ryosuke's home already. Yes, they will spend their night there with Ryosuke's family. Since it been a long time they didn't stay over there.
Saya and Chihiro just went straight to Chihiro's room after their dinner.

And our squirrel is there, on our Ichigo-Prince room, lying on his stomach on the floor with a manga in his hand, he is waiting for his prince who is busily rubbing him self on the bathroom.

No, he's not doing something weird there, he just rubbing his body with the soap. Please don't think perverted, O-Kei.

"Banggg" yuri can hear a forcefully open door suddenly. "Yuuriii-nii, I miss you so much". Yeah the younger on Yamada's family is there, she just cameback from her friend's home, and she just know about Yuri and Saya plan to stay over. That's why it's make her very excited.

Well, as one of YamaChii Shipper, of course she will.

"Ehhh~~ where is Ryo-nii?" Yuri even didn't have a chance to greet her back but the young girl already gave him another question.

"Did you looking for me Mi-Chan?" Ryosuke who just finish his bath is out from the bathroom, with just a towel in his waist and another towel to dry his wet hair. He go straight to his princess who's still lying on the same position as before.

Misaki is dumbfonded when she looked her brother in that state and Yuri didn't even know how to react, because he know exactly what is going on in Misaki's wild imaginary right now, and he sure that his naughty boyfriend will do something to tease his fujoshi sister.

"You can take your bath now baby" Ryosuke now sit infront of Yuri on the floor, and he gave his squirrel a slight kiss on his forehead after asking him to take a bath.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~". Believe it or not I'm sure that Misaki's scream can be heard to the whole Kanagawa prefecture. It can't be help right? She just witnessing something that is longing for all of YamaChii shipper directly. And she really regret it when she realized that she didn't take a picture of them just now. Because she want to show it to all of her YamaChii shipper friends.

Chihiro and Saya are there now, standing behind Misaki because they are shock when they hear her scream.

"What's wrong Ryosuke?" Chihiro finally manage to ask a question when she looked that her little sister now in a shock mode, not moving.

"I don't know, I just do this to Yuri and suddenly she ju.."

"KYYYAAAAAAAA~~~~". Now it time to Chihiro and Saya who can control their scream when they see Ryosuke gave Yuri another forehead kiss.

"Yatta~~~ I'll send this pic to my friends" well, I think Misaki is smart enough because she didn't miss the second chance to slip away like the first. And she just go to her room after she got the picture. Feeling satisfied with what she got.

"They didn't change at all" Yuri just rolled his eyes and stand up to go to the bathroom and take a bath.

"Wait Mi-Chan, send it to us also please~~" and with it, both of the olders chase after the younger to her room.

"It's fun isn't it?" Ryosuke talked to him self and smirking before he change his clothes.

"What is it?" Mr. Yamada who is very surprise with the scream asked to his wife.
"Well, seems like your son miss to tease his sisters very much, he must be having so much fun now." Mrs. Yamada answer her husband question with a large smile on her face. "I think I'll ask Misaki to send the picture for me too, so I can send it to Miki, what do you think?" Mr. Yamada just give his wife a smile.

Seems like it's not only the sisters but the mothers is also a fujoshi.


February 14, 2014